Land-Based Workers' Compensation Claims

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins handles the defense of companies against workers' compensation claims. We routinely represent the interests of companies throughout the area, including a large percentage of local casinos, in the handling of suspicious claims of on-the-job injuries that could result in costly workers' compensation claims. We handle all employers' rights, subrogation claims, negligence defense and workers' compensation defense.

The firm will thoroughly vet and evaluate each claim against our clients to determine possible exposure and the value of the claim. In cases where the claim raises suspicion as to its authenticity, we will investigate deeper to understand all circumstances surrounding the alleged accident and the injury the claimant says that it caused.

This includes a thorough review of the worker's past medical history, surveillance of the worker outside of work and other investigatory measures to determine the validity of the claim. All investigation and expert analysis tactics will be preapproved by the client.

If there is potential to exposure based on the facts of the claim, our lawyers will develop a strategic approach to handling it in the most cost-effective manner possible. This includes appropriately staffing a defense.

To schedule a consultation with the firm, please contact us by calling our office at 504-523-0400.