Premises Liability Defense

Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins provides defense against premises liability claims brought against clients throughout southern Louisiana, including New Orleans, Shreveport, Lake Charles. The area is home to casinos, entertainment venues and destinations that attract visitors and tourists from around the world. Our firm represents a large number of these companies, defending many business owners, commercial property owners and casino operators.

Minimizing Your Exposure After Accidents Occurring On Your Property

Should a customer or visitor be injured during his or her stay or use of the venue, our firm is available to protect the interests of that company against possible premises liability claims. Through careful investigation and a detailed understanding of the claim, we will provide a clear understanding as to the potential value of the case, staffing a defense appropriately.

Our firm has achieved successful outcomes for our clients in a broad range of matters, including slip-and-fall incidents, security issues, facility maintenance and sufficient lighting disputes. Where issues of products liability were involved, such as defects to various machines or fixtures, our attorneys are equipped to shift liability to additional parties responsible for the incident.

Our lawyers work closely with the company and the insurance company that wrote the risk to determine all possible means of handling the claim, including evaluating instances where the exposure can be shifted to other entities and parties.

To discuss the premises liability claim in question, please contact the firm by calling 504-523-0400.