Insurance Coverage Disputes

Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins provides veteran experience in insurance defense to companies throughout the country with business interests in southern Louisiana. The firm advises both underwriters and potential insureds with respect to disputes as to whether insurance coverage and indemnity are available for a specific claim. This includes coverage dispute defense, bad faith insurance defense and insurance fraud defense.

Insurance coverage and contractual indemnity issues are critical in litigation matters, as the resolution of those issues often results in a contractual shifting of liability regardless of the fault of the original named defendant in a lawsuit. Our attorneys thoroughly review the policy or master service contract in question, determining the extent of the indemnity it guarantees and possible exclusions of the policy, as well as additional outside parties that may share in liability.

Work on such claims requires the handling attorney to have intimate familiarity with the facts of the underlying claim and to perform an analysis of the pertinent insurance policy or contract to determine if coverage is available for the specific claim in question. Such claims also require knowledge of the pertinent state and federal laws that might impact the coverage question and the enforceability of an indemnity clause in a contract.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling a broad range of both insurance and indemnity law cases. This experience positions us to provide our clients with practical and sensible legal advice, as well as a legal strategy that is tailored to the company's objectives and position.

Knowledgeable And Experienced Representation In Insurance Coverage Disputes

To discuss the insurance dispute in question and the options we can provide, please contact the firm by calling 504-523-0400.