Commercial Litigation Law Firm

The trial attorneys of Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins are equipped to handle all aspects of commercial litigation. It is our business to understand your business and provide insight into how any possible commercial dispute may affect the overall health and effectiveness of the company.

Our litigation attorneys work with the client to anticipate and resolve all potential and realized legal issues and business disputes. We deliver solutions and outcomes that are in the best interest of the business. By carefully assessing and understanding the matter proactively, we can provide strategic options that will prevent disruption to the operation and goals of the business.

New Orleans Commercial Litigation Lawyer Serving Southern Louisiana

The firm represents businesses and companies with interests in southern Louisiana, handling all matters that may arise, including contract disputes, commercial sales of goods, contractual indemnity, breach of contracts, commercial banking and financial matters, securities litigation, stockholder disputes, partnership disputes, sale of businesses, lease disputes, unfair competition, intellectual property and any matter that threatens the business. We also possess the experience and understanding of maritime law to handle any business or maritime commerce disputes that may arise.

Our approach is calculated and tailored, appropriately staffing each case with the talent, strategies and resources needed to protect the client's interests in trial. Our trial lawyers are equipped with the skill and veteran understanding to achieve successful resolutions in court.

To discuss the commercial dispute facing your company, please contact us today by calling 504-523-0408.