General Casualty Liability

Murphy, Rogers, Sloss, Gambel & Tompkins is a full-service general casualty liability firm, providing knowledgeable direction in all general casualty claims that might be presented to our clients. The firm provides representation to landlords, management companies, utilities and companies that have written risk related to the accident. This can span a broad range of injuries, including catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Many times, there are multiple parties involved in the injury. The firm will work in close cooperation with the company and its adjusters to fully understand the nature of the claim and any possible exposure. We handle all matters of indemnity and additional insured issues to determine if liability can be shifted to additional entities or parties. Included in this assessment are detailed investigations of all relevant standards, codes, ordinances and trade customs that may affect the exposure of our client.

These claims are often more complex and obscure than many defense firms can successfully handle. Our attorneys, however, are equipped with the experience and acumen required to direct all negotiations and potential litigation to the most advantageous outcome possible. We are committed to understanding your business and providing results with minimal adverse effect to the company.

Strategic And Customized Representation For Effective Results

Our lawyers are dedicated to delivering results to the client in a strategic manner. The firm will proactively assess the value of the claim and the potential exposure our client faces. The approach will be tailored to appropriately staff the case with the talent needed to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

To discuss the matter and all possible approaches, please contact the firm by calling 504-523-0400.